Ben McMahon


Global Development Manager and Performance Coach, Equilibria in Sports


As early as the age of four when all he wanted for Christmas was a Dan Marino Miami Dolphin’s helmet, jersey and shoulder pads, Ben has taken his love of Football to help others bring out the best in themselves.  Today, he continues this journey as the Global Development Manager of Equilibria in Sports.

In this role, Ben looks for opportunities to help individual athletes, teams, coaches and sports organizations reach their full potential through personality diversity.  Ben believes that understanding our own strengths and potential limiters allows us to embrace the personalities of teammates, resulting in better performance both on and off the field. 


Born in London and raised in Oxford, Ben played soccer when young but always was drawn to American football as he listened to games broadcast on Armed Forces Radio.  When his Dad took him to see the World League London Monarchs in the early ‘90’s, he was hooked for good.  He started concentrating on football at 16 as a member of the Oxford Saints as a Cornerback.  Unfortunately, tearing his ACL in half sidelined Ben as a player, but changed his life as he began his coaching career.


At the time there were 20,000 college and amateur footballers in England.  Due to Injuries in 1999, Ben and the Oxford Saints had begun a youth team to play flag football for, under 10, 12 and 16 and went on to Win a National Championship in their first year. After winning the National Championship, BAFCA named Ben its Head Coach in the Cadet division for the year. In 2000 the British American football  Association (BAFA) asked Ben to be the head coach of the National Cadet team in the European Championship winning Silver in the competition.  


Ben was successful as a coach because he realized that sport gives youngsters the ability to get along with others.  As he says, “it teaches you affiliation.”   Feeling more included and communicating as a team can take very diverse individuals and turn marginal gains into meaningful success.


Ben moved to Spain, where he and his wife currently reside and began a successful career as a licensed photographer.  He also, after a time, resumed playing football and coaching.   In 2015 he joined Equilibria where he can have a lasting impact on teaching people, particularly those active in amateur and professional sports, how they can improve their chances of success. 

What Ben and his Equilibria colleagues offer is a simple framework to understand each other better and to communicate more clearly in order to enhance performance, both personally and professionally.   It’s about developing what’s inside each and every person and teaching them that they have the power within themselves to reframe conversations and change outcomes by making intentional choices. 


Ben is the first to admit, that while he may not be the best of athletes, he is making a mark in the sports world nonetheless by helping others to interact in new and meaningful ways. 


For Ben, helping others succeed in the game of life is the greatest victory of all. 

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