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Camps & Clinics

Training camps and sports camps are fantastic for teaching people the “X's & O's” of the game and developing them as athletes.


However, camps are also an environment where people need to perform at their best in a setting that they are unfamiliar with and with coaches and other athletes they do not know.


Adding E-Colors and Personal Intervention though Equilibria in Sports to your camps will give these athletes an enhanced experience, to perform at their best as well as develop them into better athletes and people.


Other benefits include: -


  • A Simple framework that allows Coaches to understand the best way to communicate with new players they have possibly never met. This same framework allows the athletes to understand coaches they may be unfamiliar with

  • Allows people to build quicker interpersonal relationships resulting in a deeper level of trust

  • Builds better teamwork and communication among new teammates faster

  • Improves relationships through appreciation and understanding diverse perspectives

  • Increases Diversity and Inclusion


By adding Equilibria in Sports to your camp, you will also be adding valuable character development, leaderships skills, life skills and communication tools for your athletes, coaches and staff.


It is also important to keep young people engaged in sports. In recent years a troubling trend has occurred in youth sports, as many as 7 out of 10 young people will drop out of organized sports.


This happens for many reasons but one of the biggest contributing factors is having a bad relationship with a coach or teammate. By using E-Colors and Personal Intervention to become more self-aware and have a greater awareness of other people's needs we can engage with others in a way that makes them feel more valued and more wanted. By doing this, individuals are much more likely to have a better experience and continue to play sports.


Learn more on how we achieve this in Our Approach

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