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Chameka Scott Award

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For those who had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Chameka Scott, they were always left in awe at her ability to light up a room and motivate you to be a better person. She continually helped people to be their 'best self' and in fact was an inspiration and advocate for initiating Equilibria in Sports.
We in Equilibria want to recognize her legacy and help as many people, teams, organizations and communities realize their potential.
To this end, we think it's only appropriate to announce the creation of the Chameka Scott Award.

This will be awarded to a female basketball team every year.

The team will receive an Equilibria in Sports workshop along with the appropriate materials in Chameka’s name in the hope that it will continue to inspire each female athlete who attends to understand their full potential by becoming more self-aware of their Strengths, Potential Limiters  and communication styles not only of themselves and their teammates but also of their community as a whole.
If you wish to nominate a team for this award, please contact us now.

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