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Collegiate Sports

College is a time for transition for student-athletes. E-Colors and Personal Intervention is a fantastic proven tool that has been used as a coping mechanism and can help with the student-athletes transition from High School to Collegiate but also from year to year.


Despite these possible uncertain times, it is still important for student-athletes to be able to perform.


Becoming more self-aware and aware of your teammates and coaches strengths and potential limiters, is an important step towards being able to perform in a new environment on a consistent basis.


Personal Intervention also gives young adults an important tool that will not only assist in an increased performance in sports but also allow them to make better conscious choices away from the field reducing incidents.


Becoming more self-aware through E-Colors and Personal Intervention is also proven to increase grades, attendance and graduation, this will help keep student-athletes academically eligible.

Other benefits include:

  • Professional development for the coaches and their staff

  • Increased self-awareness and awareness of others

  • Better understanding of strengths and potential limiters

  • Enhanced team culture

  • Character and leadership development

  • Allows people to build quicker interpersonal relationships resulting in a deeper trust

  • Builds better teamwork and communication among new teammates faster

  • Correct use of social media through Personal Intervention 

Learn more on how we achieve this in Our Approach

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