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Middle School, High School & Youth Sports

Would your Middle or High School sports teams like to see an increase in performance on the field as well as in the classroom?


These are the results we have seen when the E-Colors and Personal intervention are implemented in a school.


In one school in Houston, they have experienced an increase in grades, graduation rates, and attendance. The same school soccer team went on to win 3 State Championships for their division but also equally as impressive if not more so, they did not receive a single red card during that period due to their use of Personal Intervention.


Other benefits include:


  • Professional development for the coaches and their staff

  • Increased self-awareness and awareness of others

  • Better understanding of Strengths and Potential Limiters

  • Increased team culture

  • Character and leadership development

  • Decreased bullying incidents

  • A better understanding of what triggers us to react to situations  

  • Increased Participation

  • Assisting the student-athlete in transition to College

  • Correct use of social media through Personal Intervention 


It is also important to keep young people engaged in sports. In recent years a troubling trend has occurred in youth sports, as many as 7 out of 10 young people will drop out of organized sports.


The larger the talent pool coaches have to choose from the more likely they are to be able to put a competitive team together. By using E-Colors and Personal Intervention to become more self-aware and have a greater awareness of other people's needs, we can engage with others in a way that makes them feel more valued and more wanted. By doing this, individuals are much more likely to have a better experience and continue to play sports.

Learn more on how we achieve this in Our Approach

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