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Error Reduction

In most sports, the outcome typically comes down to a win or a loss. The difference between winning and losing may be either measured in inches or in many cases a loss can be the result of a simple human error.


As humans, we all make mistakes and errors tend to manifest themselves in ways such as a slip in concentration or more commonly, an athlete’s instinctive reaction to an event.  


Whilst we believe there will always be more to sports than just winning and losing, error reduction can not only be a key part of high performance on the playing fields but also lead to greater success in everyday life. With a heightened awareness of an individual’s personality expressed through the E-Colors, and while managing tendencies using Personal Intervention, athletes are better prepared to make smarter decisions as well as reduce errors that may otherwise take them out of the game either physically or mentally.



A good example of putting these tools into practice has been witnessed at highly successful Middle and High School soccer teams in Houston, Texas. They have been utilizing the E-Colors and Personal Intervention for four years. In that time the team have received ZERO red cards - when fouled they don’t react, choosing to press their PAUSE buttons and remain cool, calm and collected. 


As they say “Personal Intervention works”.

Learn more on how we achieve this in Our Approach

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