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Athlete Transition

In the world of sports, no season or year is ever the same, athletes move to new teams, coaches change and expectations are different. These transitions are amplified more so during the big changes such as High School to College, College to Pros and then ultimately Pros to sports retirement.

This can be a very challenging time. For a lot of athletes they feel their identity is related to their sports.


E-Colors and Personal Intervention are proven tools to be used as a coping mechanism. It teaches people to understand the difference between Personality and Character, their strengths and potential limiters. By understanding these important areas and becoming more self-aware, athletes who are transitioning from year to year or even taking the next step in their career are able to use these new tools to better communicate, understand their new teammates or coaches. They will be better prepared for all circumstances including the ability to adapt to the new situations they will face both at home and within the next phase of their careers.

Learn more on how we achieve this in Our Approach

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