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Social Media

Social media is evolving every day and today's generation are having to navigate new developing platforms like no other before them. The consequences of failing to do this well can be frequently witnessed across the globe with scholarships, college admissions and careers lost, all through the incorrect use of this instantaneous communication vehicle.

Though today's generation are the ones who are growing up with this new technology, correct social media usage is also a challenge that we must all face. 


At high school level, student-athletes can be negatively impacted by social media when used incorrectly which in turn, can affect their future employment and college prospects.


In the same light, college athletes can not only lose out on future employment, either in professional sports or in the business world but it can also cost them their scholarships.

Professional athletes are even more vulnerable as social media offers unique abilities that in years gone by, former professional athletes were never able to have. They are now able to enjoy a closer relationship with their fans, the general public and potential sponsors. But just like every other level of competition previously mentioned, it does not come without its own pitfalls.


One incorrect or thoughtless post can cost the individual millions in lost sponsorship, backlash from the local community and even their current and future employment.

Clearly, the technology that provides social media is not going away. How it is managed and utilized becomes the key.


Good news is that by becoming more aware of one's own strengths and potential limiters through E-Colors and Personal Intervention, social media can be used as a powerful tool that can actually enhance personal and team branding as well as the ability to communicate effectively.

Learn more on how we achieve this in Our Approach

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