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Self & Team Awareness

High School Basketball Team

Our Self & Team Awareness module, which is the first of the 8 Essentials incorporates two main tools and processes, E-Colors and Personal Intervention.


E-Colors will heighten your understanding of your own communication style, behavioural tendencies, strengths and potential limiters, while offering insight into others. Personal Intervention moves you from reaction to response mode when you become aware of your potential limiters.


You will learn how to move from unintentional consequences to intentional outcomes.


Both appreciate and leverage the diversity of thought of your team, organization and community.

(1) Self & Team Awareness, (2) Shared Vision & Values, (3) Clarity of Roles & Processes, (4) Trust, (5) Diversity & Inclusion, (6) Commitment, (7) Accountability & (8) Learning & Continuous Improvement.

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